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  • Reach Past Industry Conditioning to the 

    Source of Your Creative Power



    Create your life as a masterpiece without limits.

    We’re great students of our culture and we all want to belong.

    This leads many therapists to live a paint by number life outlined by industry conditioning, insurance companies, well-meaning parents, professors, co-workers and supervisors. Only to later wake up to a life that doesn’t deliver the fulfillment promised.

    Que the self-blame and working harder.

    The Paradigm Shift

    It’s not about working harder, getting more certifications, or re-tweaking your schedule. It’s about Revolution.

    Your core desires are the key to this Revolution, and the freedom of those around you. Cause in a codependent culture, discovering and then freely living your deepest desires unapologetically is Revolutionary!

    So are you interested in living with ease, freedom, and having a bigger impact in and on the mental health field simply by tapping into the blueprint already within you? 

    Wondering how you living your deepest desires freely and fully could contribute to a mental health revolution?

    Erin Gibb, Fulfillment Coach for Therapists

    Hey Revolutionaries! I’m a therapist, clinical supervisor, group practice owner, podcast host, coach, and early adopter of the weird and wonderful. I created Therapist Expanded after years of mentoring therapists and seeing how deeply the industry conditioning goes, and how courageously living from the source of our dreams incites mental health revolution.