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  • About Erin Gibb

    Hey Revolutionaries! I’m Erin – a therapist, clinical supervisor, group practice owner, podcast host, Therapist Fulfillment coach, and early adopter of the weird and wonderful that accelerates expansion.

    I created Therapist Expanded after years of mentoring therapists and seeing how deeply the industry conditioning goes, and how courageously living from the source of our dreams incites mental health revolution.

    On the Therapist Expanded podcast I interview relatable guests, controversial outside-the-box thinkers, and use solo and coaching episodes to illuminate how  therapists are uniquely conditioned for fear,  responsibility, over-functioning, and unfulfillment. Then we point the way to reaching past industry constraints to the source of our creative power, because when we therapists dare to live our deepest dreams, we start a mental health revolution. Carl Jung said it, you’ll only take clients as far as you’ve gone. Also, remember that rising tide that lifts all ships thing?

    As a Therapist Fulfillment coach, I offer experiential courses designed to unearth and clarify your deepest dreams (yes – at times the conditioning is so strong and ‘protective’ that it even blocks the awareness of these core dreams). Then with the immense inner knowledge laid bare and clear and glorious, a roadmap is available where the inner knowledge acts as a lantern on the path, shining a light on the answer to, “with this next choice, am I living from my deepest dream or from conditioning?” This discernment changes lives quickly!

    My mastermind groups are all about taking the deep knowing and the new visionary roadmap, and having community, accountability, and a deeper dive into the wisdom and practical steps to building a life you’re in love with (like you wanna jump out of bed).

    For me, watching therapists see others who are doing what seems impossible is life changing, and sharing knowledge from deep freeing ah-has to advertising and sales funnels is invigorating whether on the podcast, in courses, or in masterminds. I LOVE watching therapists expand!


    My Story & Mission

    So let’s get a little more personal – you’ve read this far.

    Up above I talked about all the earth shattering stuff I’m privileged to do now. I see myself and other therapists setting ourselves free and the quantum leaps with clients, creativity, business pursuits, income, and overall badassery that ensues.

    But I was my first real coaching client.

    In 2016 I was uber burnt out and vicariously traumatized, and left agency work for good. The years before I left I blamed myself (the it’s not you it’s me mentality), so I worked my butt off to try and stay well, affect change, get fulfilled, and do more good. After a WHILE of this I woke up and knew I needed to change my life and set myself free (the it’s not me, it’s you realization). The agency was far too conditioned in martyrdom and toxic communication for me to stay well there and once I saw it, I couldn’t unsee it.

    One immense gift that helped make this all clearer was that this agency was in the arctic (a long way from my birthplace in Southern Ontario Canada), and so to successfully work there I had needed to step outside of the conditioning of my original culture in order to understand a new paradigm.

    Doing so helped me to accelerate my change, because I wasn’t blinded by the conditioning people in my new home were relating from, and I could better see my own childhood conditioning. The one thing that kept me there for so long was the convergence of the two cultures, which was about valuing overworking and the fear of letting that go. Once I saw this, I began a journey in business and self development that has lead me here and I haven’t looked back (well it actually started with a 51 hour drive with a 5 year old, a cat, my husband and a small caravan of uhauls and trailers – but then I never looked back).

    So that’s the short version – the long version is coming home it was easy to get into lots of past conditioning and a rat race culture, but I never lost the realizations I had. And the spiritual knowledge that was brewing kept pointing to the deepest inner knowing as the key to my own healing, freedom, eventual expansion, and to that of my clients. So I adopted lots of experiential modalities for myself and others and watched as we all went from healing to expanding! Soon I saw the field catch-up and name what I’d been doing “evidence-based.”

    By 2017, I felt like I had a model for helping myself and my clients heal and then expand, so I started a group practice – why not right? Well…I wasn’t ready, blew it up relationally, and went back to solo-preneurship. That stuff people say about failure is your best teacher is really true.

    Today the ownership of a group practice, and now Therapist Expanded, is a vision realized, and it took mining for my deepest dreams and having the courage to actually live them.

    My core mission is to support as many therapists as I can to live their deepest dreams fully and freely and to watch the mental health revolution that follows!