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  • Expansion and Healing

    When I began working with high-level coaches I realized that expansion is different than healing.  

    Healing revisits the past with the goal of learning, resolving, integrating, or letting go. This is typically what therapy is about.

    Expansion is about outgrowing our past and our limitations like a snake gets too big for its skin and just leaves it behind. This is typically what high-level coaching is about. 

    I realized that with my past therapy clients, we always started with healing work like EMDR, Parts, and Somatic Experiencing; all based in a container of mindful-experiential therapy. 

    In time we’d move onto what I now see is Expansion work. That’s really where the rubber met the road and clients would no longer need my support, have surpassed their goals, and would express that this was very different than working with other therapists. They felt unrecognizable in the best ways (wearing that new skin afterall).

    To expand requires having done some healing work, but what makes expansion different is when triggers or conditioning pop up to love, limit, protect and delay, we reorient to what’s beyond the conditioning, beyond the limited hurt self, to the very source of our inner power and Being in the moment. 

    With the deep knowing back in focus, we expand beyond the perceived limits in a matter of moments and course correct. Sound like what you’ve wanted to do your whole life?

    The key here is that expansion requires embodiment; the contact with Nowness and Beingness, and in this state we can reveal and clearly illuminate deepest desires and innate wisdom, and create a way to quickly orient back to that message from deep within when conditioning arises.

    Then with each next aligned action that may have once been WAY outside the comfort zone, we expand and outgrow our skin over and over.

    Expansion is MUCH faster than healing because it isn’t predicated on any conditioning needing to change, integrate, or heal. There’s no thoughts to reframe, no part to integrate, and no traumas to explore. Expansion work is about knowing those are there, and going way past them to the seat of Being, and then operating only from Truth.

    My experience has shown me that expansion actually does result in healing, because this process becomes so quick that just like EMDR, the pathways of past conditioning don’t seem to get accessed anymore and on and on the expansion goes. What was once outside of the realm of possibility is already a threshold transcended.

    As a Fulfillment Coach for Therapists, this is my mission, to see therapists EXPAND and watch as our entire field outgrows it’s constrictive skin faster than seems possible.

    Want to be a Revolutionary force for expansion in your life, your client’s lives, and the field as a whole? Join the Revolution and Work With Me