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    Work With Me

    Us working together is about you creating something you’ve not let yourself have yet.

    The free expression of your unique dreams and gifts is why you’re here, and it revolutionizes the entire field, takes every one of your clients further, and models freedom to the next generation of therapists (really to anyone observing you). It genuinely changes the world with a ripple effect of expansion in your life and the lives of everyone you serve.

    You can send the message that you’re laying rest to over-responsibility, and apologizing for your needs, uniqueness, or power. You came here to be free, and in our current world, living your desires fully while still being a helper is Revolutionary.



    “I want to thank you for your time and coaching support. It has truly been helpful…and really simplified things for me. Every time we connect, I feel inspired to follow my dreams, and learn to value myself and my unique skills.”  – Betti D., Spiritual Therapist 

    “I wish I’d met you 10 years ago so I’d already have developed the courage to take these risks and be less indoctrinated with fear.” – JB, Clinical Social Worker



    Explaining all that I want to say here is like trying to push an ocean through a keyhole (#excited!), so I’ll make working with me really simple, because I’m honored you’re here, and know that this infinite knowledge we all hold can be crystal clear.

    Do you want to better understand the industry conditioning I’ve been referencing, and aren’t sure how my work applies to you? Checkout my Monday MINDUPS email list and the Therapist Expanded podcast to learn more

    Next the Therapist Expanded Course is for you if you’re not exactly sure what your deepest dreams hold, but you know you’re not completely fulfilled and are done tolerating. Insert what you’re done tolerating here – maybe it’s taking insurance, being exhausted, making less money than you want, feeling overly responsible, feeling afraid at work, not seeing your family when you want, not expressing yourself creatively, taking trainings and courses that require complicated systems and study, etc., etc.

    The Therapist Expanded Course is also for you if you already have a big dream, but it feels impossible or just really difficult to execute (ahem – this is usually when we all get squirrely cause our conditioning is being tickled or defied) 

    The Mastermind Expanded is for you if you have an uber clear vision, have a great discernment process, but you need support to not fall back into conditioning or to start taking action with accountability (maybe you already took the course). My mission is to offer you support through the mastermind group so you can live out your dreams and desires in a longer container of like-minded therapists doing the things you thought you couldn’t do, and where you can surprise yourself with how far and free you can Be. 

    The Therapist Expanded Course

    Expansion is different than healing.

    Healing revisits the past with the goal of learning, resolving, integrating and letting go of something now or then.

    Expansion is about outgrowing our past and our limitations like a snake gets too big for its skin and leaves it behind. 

    To expand requires having done some healing work, but what makes expansion different is when we notice triggers or conditioning popping up to love, limit, protect and delay us (i.e. we have a moment of being a human facing the unfamiliar or the deeply familiar), we reorient to what we gathered from beyond the conditioning, beyond the limited hurt self, from the very source of our inner power and Being. With the deep knowing back in focus, we expand beyond the preceived limits in a matter of moments and course correct. Sound like what you’ve wanted to do your whole life?

    The key here is that expansion requires embodiment; contact with Nowness and Beingness, and in this state we reveal and clearly illuminate your deepest desires, and create a way to quickly orient back to that message from deep within when conditioning arises.

    In the Therapist Expanded Course you’ll:

    1.  Uncover your deepest, hidden, a-mazing dreams quickly and experientially. 

    2. Create a clear roadmap to implement your dreams in a way the mind alone could never outline. Unifying the deep desires with action steps.

    3. Gain the ability to discern between the voice of conditioning and your Being level desires so you can actually implement what you’re learning right away.  

    My mission is to introduce you to a process that makes every next step related to your deepest desire clear in order to help you live your dreams and expand into the life you’re here to live. This is a process that you can also use with your clients to expedite their results.

    4. Take the course live or through the video replays with a commitment from me that the course will never be longer than needed, have a bunch fluff or stuff to study, or have a lag time between implementation and learning. This is not a theory course for you to grapple with after the course ends and perhaps never apply. This is a practice course where you expand before your own eyes in real time.

    5. All while held in a community container.

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    Mastermind Expanded

    This is a 6-month container where expanded therapists meet weekly to gain support and take the action that exists beyond the known conditioning. 

    Here you can most capitalize on my mentorship around practice building, business scaling, income generation, advertising, podcasting, writing, speaking, as well as that of your fellow mastermind members. The mastermind includes a 4-day retreat.

    My ultimate mission is to offer you revolutionary support in a group of expanded therapists so you can live out your dreams and desires with accountability (and a cheering section), while doing the things you thought you couldn’t do, as you surprise yourself with how far and free you can Be. 

    This revolutionary container requires a significant investment of time, energy, money, and love towards yourself. Are you ready?

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