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  • Starting with the End in Mind

    As part of a mastermind group I belong to I was given an exercise to write a blog about succeeding at the thing I haven’t done yet.

    This exercise felt like the ultimate starting with the end in mind – both literally and figuratively. I needed to set aside the thinking, doubtful, failure-focused mind and go deeper. When I did I saw my dream realized and felt all the feels! And with the way forward clear, I reverse engineered the steps.

    Here’s the step-by-step process to living my dreams that I can refer back to again and again.

    Read on to see how these steps can guide your amazing journey.

    Steps to Success

    1.      Notice the call to greater freedom, ease, abundance and impact

    2.      Join a supportive training, group, or community that embodies expansion

    3.      Allow your deepest dreams and desires to surface and get help with this if your mind and conditioning are dominating

    4.      Get clear on the emotion and energy of your deepest desires and recognize what is and isn’t in alignment

    5.       Let go of the focus on how for now, and allow ideas and inspiration to flow freely (The organizational program Workflowy was instrumental here!)

    6.       Start taking aligned action (stuck here? Waiting to feel ready? Overcome procrastination and perfectionism by taking some action instead of waiting to feel ready cause that’s an attempt to overcome shame and failure fears, and it just doesn’t work. Remember to have self-compassion, connect back to your core desires, and get support from those already doing what feels impossible)

    7.       Launch! Never forgetting the other 8 steps 

    8.       Reach out for aligned collaborations with others whose audience you can serve 

    9.       Rinse and repeat the next time you want to create your dreams with love and alignment to keep expanding

    I’m now living my dreams of supporting a Mental Health Revolution lead by Therapists Expanding beyond industry conditioning!

    I’ve developed a deep practice of discernment and am taking action only from the vibration of Revolution, Freedom, Love and Abundance. So that’s what I’m getting back in my own life. 

    Sustained expansion takes learning to see when the mind is wanting to play small and act from fear, doubt, or the illusion of protecting me from shame. Then I begin with an end in mind that stems from a deepening into Being.

    Want the Revolutionary support of a Therapist Expanded so you too can live your deepest dreams in complete alignment? Work With Me